Project Overview
Freggie is an idea born of my own mind. It is an app that helps people to choose the most viable fruits & vegetables while shopping, it helps them determine shelf life and different ways to prepare the produce (ie: recipes).
Roles and Responsibilities
I served as a UX researcher, interaction designer and usability analyst. I used the Google Suite, Trello, Zoom and Figma to conduct, create and document interviews, competitive analysis, personas, surveys, user maps, sketches, usability tests, wireframes and prototypes. My colleagues from Thinkful provided feedback and support throughout the capstone project.
Consumers are buying produce and letting it go to waste due to a multitude of reasons. These include forgetting what they purchased, not knowing how to properly store goods, and not knowing how to pick the best fruits and vegetables, amongst many other reasons.

Consumers of fruits and vegetables

  • Purchasers/Grocery Shoppers

  • Omnivores

  • Vegetarians

  • Vegans

Freggie is the answer! It's an app, so it's on your phone and you always have your phone. You can reference the “Library” tab and search a specific product, therefore displaying all of the tips and tricks for that particular product and helping you choose viable produce. In the “Fridge” tab, one can keep track of everything purchased so that foods do not get lost in the back of our pantries and refrigerators. 


The Process

User Survey & Interviews


The user survey allowed me to see the demographic ranged from 20s-50s and that the biggest gripe was forgetting about produce purchased. This ultimately led to the creation of the “Fridge” tab. Users were also more concerned of when the product would rot rather than when it was ripe and ready to eat. Interviews led to the creation of the Tutorials Section. It was suggested just how much easier educating users would be if things could be seen in action via videos. 

User Personas

Competitive Analysis

User Stories

Site Map

User Testing

The User Testing took place to figure out if the app was easy enough to use for a 30 year demographic gap.  There is a bit of a learning curve for older app users and wanted to make sure Freggie was simple enough for them yet not too boring and ho-hum for a young adult. Although I did test for accessibility, I wanted to pay close attention to anything that was overlooked due to the busyness of the background pictures. User testing revealed that certain things were still hard to see or weren’t even attention grabbing, but all tasks were pretty easy for every demographic to figure out. I tested on a person in each of my main age demographics, 20s, 30s & 40s as based on the user survey results. One was done in person while the 2 others were done via zoom screen share. There were 5 primary tasks that I presented to all of the users:

  1. Edit your profile and then return to the main profile page.

  2. Add groceries that you just purchased to the app..

  3. Rate the daily tip.

  4. Find past/archived tips and send it to a friend.

  5. Find something to cook tonight.


"The vegetable name just popped up. In the real app, I would have typed it right?"


"I honestly didn't notice that the page said Featured Recipe."


"When I choose Blood Orange as a theme, it didn't really stand out."


Wireframe on FIgma


I tried a new concept with this app that I am very excited about. Choosing your own theme! The profile settings will allow the user choose their favorite amongst 6 different monochromatic options, all fruit and veggie inspired.


My final thoughts are ones of enthusiasm because colleagues, survey takers and usability testers have expressed that they could actually see themselves using Freggie. Freggie was greatly seen as that you didn’t know you needed but glad you have. Going forward, I believe having a partnership with a recipe website and having produce experts weigh in on the video tutorials would be extremely beneficial and give the app some notoriety. Also, during onboarding there are chances to connect on social media but the benefits are clearly evident. I would think about adding some sort of “Create a Household” element, where multiple users could add to the same “Fridge” tab and perks to sharing tips and recipes.