Project Overview


I am working with a client who wants to create a mobile transit app specifically for a Midwest city that has a lot of traffic around the Washington and State bus stop.

Roles and Responsibilities

I served as a UX researcher, interaction designer and usability analyst. I used the Google Suite, Trello, Zoom and Figma to conduct, create and document interviews, competitive analysis, personas, surveys, user maps, sketches, usability tests, wireframes and prototypes. My colleagues from Thinkful provided feedback and support throughout the capstone project.

Client's Business Requirements

  • Ensure that any rider can tell when each of the buses arrives at the Washington & State bus stop.

  • Ensure that all riders can tell how much time they have to get to the Washington & State bus stop before the bus they need arrives at that stop.

  • Allow riders to select one of seven bus lines to see a list of its future arrival times at the Washington & State bus stop.


  • People who ride the bus

  • People who plan bus routes for others

  • People in charge a program that relies on buses


  • App needs to provide a clear bus schedule, differentiating each line from each other especially the problematic Washington & State bus stop.

  • Make sure that riders have a clear way of knowing how much time it takes to get to the bus stop.

  • App should allow anyone to pinpoint a single bus route and access a list of all of its future arrival time, especially at the Washington & State bus stop.

Competitive Analysis

The Process


Ji-yoo Park


  • 30 - 35 years old

  • Straight man

  • He/Him/They

  • Financial Manager

  • Korean-American

  • Lives Alone

  • Engaged

  • Upper Middle Class

  • Bi-lingual: English & Korean


  • Tries to have a social and professional life balance

  • Has a strong sense of familial values

  • Has a good sense of fashion

  • Has a gym membership that he actually uses


  • Needs to feel like his mother is safe

  • Is afraid that once he gets married he won’t have as much time for her

  • Wishes the app had larger photos for her to see

  • Thinks the app should be offered in Korean

  • Wants his mother to have the freedom to change plans without having to consult him

User Survey

User Persona

User Story

Empathy Map


     Lilian’s goal is to view all buses at that the WASHINGTON & STATE bus stop and be able to select the exact one that she needs. She is familiar with the stop but is not sure exactly how many buses stop there and doesn’t want to get confused like she has in the past. She recognizes that she needs the CULVER CITY #1. So she clicks on it to get the  schedule. She is able to toggle back and forth between North & Southbound. She is also able to edit/exit her current search by clicking the X in the search bar or clicking on any of the icons across the top of the screen. This scenario fulfills business requirement #1 & #3.

     In this scenario, Lilian has a specific destination that she wants to look up for her son.  She will enter the specific address which will give her a map showing the route as well as detailed instructions. Lilian also wants to make sure that her son not only knows how to get to his destination, but he gets there on time and knows exactly how much time he has to walk to the WASHINGTON & STATE bus stop.  She is also able to edit/exit her current search by clicking the X in the search bar or clicking on any of the icons across the top of the screen. This will fulfill business requirement #2.

Wireframe in Figma


Logo and Style Guide


User Tests

  1. Please show me how you would view all of the different buses that stop at Washington & State, one of the city’s busiest bus stops. 

  • Are you able to single out times for 1 bus out of the list?


    2. Are you able to determine when the next bus arrives?

    3. Please go back to the home screen. Let’s pretend like you have somewhere very specific to go and you need to be there at a scheduled time. Now show me how long you have to reach a certain bus stop until the next bus arrives.

Usability Report

“ I liked the Oauth integration. I feel like every app has to have that.” 

   - Yasmani

"Nothing really stood out to me." 

 - Alejandro

Final Results

From the screen on the left to the the screen to the right, there are re-wording changes as well as an addition of the amount of minutes between steps.

Final Recommendations

  1. Consulting with a graphic designer

    2. Delivering design to a web/app developer


    3. Making a version for IOS


    4. Adding a social media aspect