Fast forward a few months into the future, I am schlepping boxes at a warehouse by night and teaching swim classes and academic tutoring by day. I start to have sharp pains in my stomach and it is revealed that we are going to be parents! I can’t do warehouse work much longer for obvious reasons, so instead, I swap those hours to dive into a UX/UI bootcamp at Thinkful. I have since improved my now husband’s portfolio page and I am currently creating a website prototype for a future endeavor of my sister’s. I am getting the chance to help people and express myself creatively which is exactly what I wanted. It’s challenging, but I have a zest for learning that just won’t quit. I am finally where I want to be and doing what I want to do. So hit me up! Let’s make magic!

  Last year, my fiance (now my husband) had just become a freelance web developer and unfortunately was at risk of losing his first real world client. He had created a very functional website but it was lacking a certain umph. Seeing both of their frustrations, it tugged at my empathetic heart strings. I sat in on their next meeting to see how I could help. My stellar communication skills and decent sketching filled in the gap that was missing between client and web developer. I took a crash course on HTML and CSS to get a better understanding of web design and development. Working with my beau, we redesigned the client’s website. Adding complementary colors,  re-categorizing the nav bar and re-organizing the layout. I felt accomplished! This is when my fiance told me that I might be a UX designer. Except, I had no clue what that even was.


  I’ve always been a designer, I just didn’t know it! I grew up painting rocks, crafting duct tape purses and spray painting clothing all to my parents’ chagrin. I was told art, design and all of its relatives were hobbies, not careers. Luckily, I was always an avid learner so I just viewed my parents’ warning as an invitation to learn something new. I became an avid reader which led to a love of history and eventually became my major while attending California State University Dominguez Hills.  Partying in young adulthood and a dozen plus jobs later, I felt unfulfilled. I’ve always liked helping people and working on teams. Some of the jobs that I had previously encountered had offered at least 1 of these ideals. So I was not completely empty, but I also wasn’t expressing myself creatively and I was starting to realize this was the thing that was missing in my life. Then something serendipitous happened...